Marvielab is an Italian brand founded in 2006 by designer Mariavittoria Sargentini.

The designs proposed by the brand are the physical manifestation of a reflection on ‘conscious dressing’. The brand develops several projects and collections, reinterpreting the basic elements of the wardrobe, each through a precise concept.

The results come from processes of deconstruction and reconstruction of classic pieces of clothing and represent a study both on form and function, a combination of essential design and natural and trans-seasonal materials.

The designs stem from considerations on the daily use of the dress and on the attitude of the wearer. The outfits are designed as an examination of the relationship between the garment (form-material) and the person wearing it (volume-personality).

The subject is seen as a three-dimensional shape, while the garment as a flat shape. The garment is intended as a variable element, the subject is thought of as an editable form. In the interaction of these two elements, the body finds its way of dressing and the garment acquires a personality of its own.