The ReCikli project comes from the recovery of materials coming from the archive, which are production of past collections. Each piece is numbered because the production is limited to the quantity of material available.

The first edition ReCikli is dated 2012, while the second edition ReCikli.2 was introduced in 2014. In both collections, the garments, once made, are subjected to a series of treatments and dyeing techniques that modify the properties of materials and textures. The unisex models developed for this project are a reinterpretation of wardrobe essentials, inspired by the theme of intimacy, clothing for home and for work.

For the third edition of the ReCikli.3 project, dated January 2018, each garment has two different textures, visible both on the outer side and on the lining of the garment. This line of separation/joining of two materials sewn together becomes an element that is both graphic and functional. A layer of padding has been inserted inside the garment, in order to create volume and thickness, in addition to modifying the consistency of the external fabrics. This internal component in made of 100% recyclable wool and is available 3 different thicknesses, altering the weight of the garments and modifying the silhouette.

In ReCikli.4, the fourth edition presented in January 2020, each item is made by mixing the different remainders, creating macro patchworks of fabrics and melange effects of yarns, all different in colour and composition.

ReCikli.5, the fifth edition dated September 2020, is not just about the recovery of materials; it also plays with actual items from the archive, as remainders of past collections and samples of production. The different items selected – trousers, jackets, shirts, etc. – have been disassembled in their constructive parts and then remodelled using the technique of moulage directly on the mannequin. The results are carefully tailored items, composing a completely new set of wardrobe staples.The garments are dyed with natural pigments: black tea and walnut husk.