Both the basic SS 13 and AW 13/14 M/T collections, are presented for the first time in 2012.

For the second edition in 2013, SS 14 and AW 14/15, are instead introduced in the M/T Dot-Line version.

The project is divided into two parts: knitwear and fabric.

Garments made of fabric and knitwear are constructed starting from the same pattern.

All the outfits proposed are based on the idea of layering, so that to each knitwear garment corresponds a garment in fabric, equal in shape but constructed separately; the two garments can be worn together, as layers, or as stand-alone pieces.

The essential volumes, simplified forms and exaggerated proportions come from a research made by the designer in the old family closet.

Each piece bears the name of the person who had worn its ‘ancestor‘ garment: Carmelo, Lina, Roberto, Febronia, Gina, Paolo, etc.