The 2007 project emphasizes the silhouette progression: it is not about size, but about constructions that generate different volumes.

The classic composition of the suit – jacket&trousers and jacket&skirt – are rethought both in proportions and in cuts and seaming lines.

From this work of deconstruction and reconstruction derive three substantially different silhouette, designed to be dynamic and interchangeable, in a mix and match of the components of each ‘uniform’ (S jacket + L trousers or M jacket + S skirt or L jacket + S trousers, etc).

The ‘S’ line is shaped and adherent to the body: the side seams curve around the figure, tending to elongate it.

The ‘M’ line has a regular fit and follows the body with soft lines: the seams of the garments are located at the centre front and rear.

The ‘L’ line is over and expands the boundaries of the body: the seams are placed along the sides of the garment, extending its proportions, keeping the garment itself away from the figure wearing it.

In the different editions the three volumes remain unchanged; the details and materials change.